Egyptian forces continues attacks on Islamist Militants

Egyptian security forces have reported a successful offensive against Islamist militants in Sinai. In a statement by the army, 12 of militants were killed and another 92 suspects arrested. This brings the number of militants killed in the army's recent offensive to end insurgents to around 28 militants. Airstrikes were also carried out to destroy dozens of militants targets
in the area. At least 60 militants targets had been hit according to the statement.

The militants are believed to have been responsible for several attacks in Egypt, with an attack on a mosque which killed over 300 people -the deadliest in the country- the turning point in the Egyptian army's offensive. 

After the attack on the mosque, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in November gave the army a 3 month ultimatum to defeat the insurgents, which presents itself as one of the biggest challenge the Egyptian government faces.

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