Dozens still missing after Hurricane Michael, death toll expected to rise

With recovery teams with dogs and heavy equipment are searching through debris left over by last week's  Hurricane Michael, officials say dozen more people still remain missing in coastal areas of north-west Florida.

So far, only 18 confirmed deaths (9 in Florida, 5 in Virginia, 3 in North Carolina and 1 in Georgia) is known but the death toll is expected to rise according to the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Brock Long.

Long said: "I hope we don't see it climb dramatically but I have reasons to believe we still haven't got into some of the hardest-hit areas," he said.

Efforts by rescue teams have been heavy affected by fallen trees and debris blocking the roadways while many places are still without power.

US president Donald Trump and First Lady Melania will visit the storm ravaged region later on Monday and they are also expected to visit southern Georgia.

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