The term "success" is one of the most used and understandable notion (to some extent) in our vocabulary. The delight that often comes with it makes it the cynosure of all eyes, a target almost everyone desire their darts to hit. Most of the time, success has had the label of "good" neatly placed on it with no ruffle. A day begins a story. In as much as a reevaluation of that may burst your bubble, giving it consideration would leave your attitude to success positively never the same. Read on.

Questions of morality usually breed controversies, and extending them to the concept of success seem anomalous. Well, man is a moral being, thereby shedding light on the ethical current that underlies the relation of most words to him. Basically, success is good in itself but this is somewhat altered when there is excessive satisfaction with a degree of it. Myles Munroe's (a great man and user of the pen par excellence) admonition "Never be satisfied with your last accomplishment" triggered my view of success in this light. What if I'm satisfied with my last accomplishment and reckon that as my climax? Can success in that vein be said to be bad, given the possibility of I accomplishing much more? Akin to a chain, success is in connected degrees. Each leads to the other. Being carried away by the juicy fruits of a certain level of success strips it of the "good" garment, because it limits a person.

Technology has been described repeatedly as a blessing to mankind and even one of the wonders of the world. Nonetheless, it is not without pros and cons. Sometimes, it is regarded bad due to its misapplication that is seen in its deployment against man (suicidal explosive devices, for instance) instead of for him. Similarly, success can be termed "bad" when it is misapplied by those on the receiving end. Succeeding in that endeavor at a point in time ought to extract more success until you've advanced humanity. Even when you've done so, you cement it like a bricklayer. This continues till the day you close your eyes. So, success is not an end but a means to an end known as more success in multiplication, which ceases the day life ends.

Hence, don't get too comfortable with that success. Much more awaits you if you try again continually. Yes, you are married, have got that job, sealed that deal,  touching lives in a godly way, swimming in luxury, and so on. But pick up your plucking stick and reach for more fruits again. One's attitude to success must be progressive, not stagnant. If you fix your gaze on what you have, you may never be able to see the better in front, beckoning on you. Once again, can success be bad? Yes, it can when success is patterned to be detrimental rather than instrumental.

Kaycee Naze
(Rational Pen)