Civil servant gets car gift from government for returning N53m mistakenly paid to him

         A Nigerian civil servant, Comrade Benson Efeotor, has proved himself a model for honesty - Efeotor returned the sum of N53 million erroneously paid into his account by the state - Delta state government has now rewarded Efeotor’s honesty by gifting him a brand new car on Worker’s Day Honesty is a virtue and a thing of pride. The situation of things in the country does not encourage some people to do the right things but some individuals have proven that having integrity is the best. A civil servant in Delta state, Benson Efeotor’s story, has shown that doing the right things also has rewards.
        The man who works with the Delta State Ministry of Finance (Project E-Delta) was erroneously paid N53,121,650 by the state government. Rather than keeping the money, Efeotor returned it. His chivalry has been highly celebrated and the state government made sure to reward him with a brand new car. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state announced the reward during the May Day rally in Asaba. He commended Efeotor’s honesty and encouraged others to be like him.

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