Brit given life sentence for spying in United Arab Emirate has been pardoned

Matthew Hedges, the British student who was accused and jailed in the United Arab Emirates for being a spy has been pardoned by the Arab nation, which it says was part of series of orders issued on the country's National Day anniversary.

Wife of the PhD research student, Daniela Tejada, spoke to BBC's radio of how happy she was with the news of his possible return.

"It's taken me by surprise and I'm just so happy and so relieved and really incredulous that it is all happening finally."

"It's been an absolutely nightmarish seven months already and I can't wait to have him back home."

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt welcome the news of his pardoning. He tweeted: "Fantastic news about Matthew Hedges.

"Although we didn't agree with charges we are grateful to UAE government for resolving issue speedily."

A spokesman for the UAE government said Mr Hedges would be released as soon as "all formalities" were complete.

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