Huge explosion near Italian airport, massive mushroom cloud of smoke visible in the sky

Multiple explosions have gone off on a motorway close to Bologna Airport sending fireballs into the sky.

Police and fire crews are on the scene which is affecting a large part of a motorway in the Italian city.

There are also multiple cars on fire underneath the motorway where there is a Peugeot dealership.

Dramatic footage from the scene taken
by a motorist driving towards the explosion shows a significant blast before he reverses away from the scene.

Another person can be seen walking towards the blast their condition is unknown at this time.

Local police said that there had been a collision on the motorway and an explosion happened in the subsequent fire.

Witnesses and local reports suggest that a car transporter was involved in the crash.

A picture from closer to the scene shows cars at a Peugeot dealership in flames along with a flyover running alongside the business.

Other witnesses reported a vehicle, possibly a lorry, crashing through the wall and landing on the Peugeot garage.

Roads around the area have been closed and there is no word of any casualties at this moment.

Police said in a statement on Twitter: Due to an accident on the highway, an explosion occurred resulting in a fire at Via Marco Emilio Lepido. Circulation compromised, not only on the motorway, but also in the Borgo Panigale area.'

Images on social media show the explosion occurred on a road close to the airport.


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