South African doctor breaks baby's arm during delivery, mother cries out!

A 21 year old South Africa new mum, Lebogang Setshotloe, has made accusations against a doctor who works at Moses Kotane Hospital. The mother claims the doctor broke her baby's arm during delivery. According to the new mum, she found out that her daughter's arm was broken a day after delivery as she had not been allowed
to seee her baby on the day of birth.

Setshotloe speaking to the Daily Sun said that the hospital had failed her. "I asked the nurse a day after I had a Cesarean section why my baby's arm was broken and  I was told the doctor had apologised for the mistake. This was a lie, as the doctor never even bothered to examine me after the delivery."

"Why was I not informed about what had happened as the mum of the child? This makes me really angry," she said.

"I want the doctor and the hospital to come and explain to me how my baby's arm was broken. I want to know what happened," she cried.

The 21 year old described what the hospital had done to her as horrific, saying it showed that they do not care about the people they treat. Meanwhile Jacob Kobedi, her uncle, said "We want the hospital to take full responsibility for the damage caused by the doctor. What they did and how they handled the situation doesn't show any professionalism."

North West Health spokesman, Tebogo Lekgethwane, said the matter was being investigated and would be properly followed up.

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