Trump's lawyer confirms paying off Stormy Daniels

U.S. newspaper, New York Times on Tuesday, posted an article confirming that porn actress Stormy Daniels was paid off to keep quiet on her alleged affair with the US president, Donald Trump, back in 2006.

The Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen,  said, he paid the actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, $130,000 of his own money, which he was never
reimbursed for. He refused to give more details on whether Trump had requested he paid her off though insisted that the payment was legal.

"Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly," Cohen said, according to the Times.

"The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone."

Trump was married at the time of the affair and his wife Melania had just given birth to their son. Both parties denies such event ever taking place.

Speculations in U.S. media suggest that the payment was made before the 2016 elections. Last month, In Touch magazine published a 2011 interview with Clifford in which she recounts details of their relationship, describing the encounter as a "textbook generic" sex.

Clifford in the interview, which had not been published before, revealed that herself and Trump met at a celebrity golf tournament in 2006 and had a sexual encounter with him then. Followed by a year of phone conservation and a few face-to-face meetings.

The In Touch interview was conducted before Clifford's alleged signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement in October 2016.

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