Senator Ben Murray Bruce was recently quoted as saying that "Obama inherited the worst economy ever yet has succeeded in reducing unemployment and petrol prices without once blaming his predecessor!"

But my question is: did Obama's predecessor loot American economy with reckless abandon as did the PDP which Senator Ben Bruce is a part of?

Did Obama meet an economy where one Ben Bruce suddenly became rich enough to own a television station after looting the national television account?

Did Obama meet an economy where one Dasuki shared security funds with members of Ben Bruce's party, while innocent Nigerian youths were sent to
Boko Haram enclave to go and die?

Did Obama's predecessor bequeath an economy where 5 million citizens are displaced, where over 59 thousand solders and citizens were massacred by a group of ragtag criminals while people like Ben Bruce were busy with Ashawo Business in the name of beauty contest? Did Obama's predecessor bequeath an economy where about 80 percent of youths are unemployed while less than 5 percent of citizens whose only occupation is knowing a clueless President are richer than the entire country?

What infrastructure did the thieving government of GEJ bequeathed to Nigeria as did Obama's predecessor?

Honestly, Senator Ben Murray Bruce thinks he is making sense because he has a television where he doesn't have to pay money to open his mouth to say senseless things in the name of common sense.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce should stop deceiving himself, Nigerians are more intelligent for the cheap popularity he is looking for. Because most Nigerians are not opportune to be appointed NTA DGs and to steal money to set up a television station where they don't have to pay to say nonsense does not mean they stupid. The idea of comparing apples and oranges is no commonsense at all.

Bruce should face his Ashawo Business and stop thinking that we are stupid.

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