Private Lesson Tutor Caught On Camera Stealing From His Employer In Abuja (Video)

A Nigerian lady has been left in shock after she discovered that her son's English tutor has been the one stealing from her. The lady had shared her story with a popular Twitter user known as SubDeliveryZone.
        In a tweet shared by SubDeliveryZone, it was reported that the woman had installed a hidden camera in her home in an attempt to discover the thief who has been stealing money from her. According to the tweet, she noticed that money and valuable items kept on disappearing in her house and she decided to get to the bottom of it. It was stated that the video recorded revealed that her son's English tutor was the thief. The video showed the tutor standing up from his chair to search different places in the house. He was later reported to the police and the photo of the tutor after his arrest was shared on SubDeliveryZone.

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