US: Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Department Employees

All state department employees would undergo mandatory sexual harassment training to be completed by June 1, according to US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson while speaking to 150 US embassy staff outside the ambassadors residence.

Tillerson said on Monday, that department employees must get involved if they notice sexual harassment. Tillerson who is in Cairo, respecting each other ia a fundamental value of the state department. 

"There is no form of disrespect for the individual that I can identify, anything more demeaning than for someone to suffer this kind of treatment. It's not okay if you're seeing it happening and just look away. You must do something. You must notify someone. You must step in and intervene," he said.

His remarks comes at a time of simultaneous sexual misconduct accusation in various sphere in the United States. 

Around 200 women working in the national security,  in November, signed a letter stating that sexual harassment policies were often not enforced and generally weak, making several recommendations including mandatory training and channels to report abuse without fear of retribution.

The White house has also been affected by same accusations recently against two aides of the administration who left after domestic violence allegations appeared in the media against them. 

Tillerson is on a Middle East tour starting in Cairo, that will also take him to Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

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