Gunmen shooting in Las Vegas leaves 20 killed and over 100 injured

- 20 dead and over 100 injured in massive gunman shooting in Las Vegas.

- Incident occurred at a popular country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.
Over 20 people have been killed with at least 100 injured in a massive shootout in a popular country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident through a series of tweets.

"Confirming that one suspect is down. This is an active investigation. Again, please do not head down to the Strip at this time," Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said on Twitter.

"We have in excess of 100-plus injured and excess of 20-plus that have died at this point," Las Vegas Metro Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told a press conference.

The gunman, who was a local man, was killed after police "engaged the suspect", Lombardo said.

Witness Cole Watson was at the concert with his wife and kids.

"At first it sounded like someone was setting off a whole lot of firecrackers, but then we realised it was gunfire and everybody started running. The scene was insane - it was absolute chaos," Watson told News reporters.

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