Politics has come to be regarded as a game played in the governmental/leadership circle in any society. Traces of it are also discoverable in corporate environments. The recurrence of this phenomenon throughout history--up till now--affirms the Aristotelian notion that "Man is a political animal." Alongside the social and economic divisions of a state, its relevance cannot be overstressed. That it is directly related to matters of who wields and holds power make it a very busy sphere, where almost every human yearns to be entangled. Nigeria, since its amalgamation, has had its dose of political activities evident in the transition from colonialism to nationalism. One would expect the optimism that surrounded the historic struggle to translate to comprehensive national progress in this present time, but politics of inconsideration has frequently stood in the way. This retrogressive style of seeking and excercising power has led to the abortion of many of our national dreams, and that it is atrocious is not in dispute. The latest reports of displaced and poor Nigerians being denied that gifted to them, by some of our insatiable politicians, is heart-bleeding and highlights the age-old misinterpretation of politics in this part of the globe.


John Maxwell, a distinguished political scientist, opined that a leader is one who has the ability to influence others to achieve a common objective. To a great extent, this sheds light on what those at the helm of affairs or who aspire to be there should be preoccupied with. Thus, the nature of interests of the leader and the led ought to be harmonious. A deviation occurs when political interests do not reflect the green light of a consensus. This has been the case in the Nigerian political landscape, seen in the overemphasis on the desires of one side to the detriment of the other. The lopsidedness in our political terrain, which consistently favours those in and around power, is the reason for this season of economic sorrow. Political leaders perceive themselves as demi-gods that should be worshiped by the masses who catapulted them there, even with the privileges that accrue to them. Once again, this erroneous orientation raised its ugly head in the federal government's social security program and the goodwill donations made to internally displaced persons in the country.


Contrary to the naysayers' viewpoint that the FG reneged on its promise to give the sum of N5000 to very-poor Nigerians to alleviate their suffering, this program was kickstarted few weeks ago much to their astonishment. The ensuing reports that some unconscientious politicians are hijacking the money-sharing process perturbs and perplexes me. Relating to this side by side with the facts, which show the millions of naira they take home monthly proves difficult. How can one be so inconsiderate to the extent that sticking his/her hands in the little package for the downtrodden in the society and influencing the arrangement to favour one's cronies become a point of call? This is the climax of individualism and insensitivity. It is public knowledge that the aftermath of terrorism in the North-eastern zone has been critical. With many residents displaced and no tangible means of survival in sight, calling for donations from well-meaning Nigerians and outside seemed logical. Learning that some of the monies and household items were diverted by some of those up there is heartbreaking, and this underlines the distorted politics played herein. Dear present and future politicians, politicking in this pattern would never elevate us to a first-world developed country. What's your business? It is, because stagnancy puts us on the brink of extinction. Those helpless orphans, unemployed graduates, inequipped farmers, owed medical and academic officers, industries without power to run; communities without basic amenities, commuters that are fleeced by park authority agents, legal practitioners,  and security personnel, ought to come first.


Finally, the Nigeria we want would be a fantasy if no cue is taken from how the sea of politics is navigated in developed countries, where the people's interests are to a reasonable extent on the front burner. Politics with little or no consideration for the people augurs badly for any place it is practised. Our nation's recent past and present say so. Personal interests have to always be reconciled with general interests and in the event where this isn't attainable, the latter should prevail. Until politics of inconsideration takes the backseat, surmountable challenges would continue to enjoy our nation's front seat without fear.


Kaycee Naze

(Rational Pen)