One of my favourite quotes in Secondary School was "When two Elephants fight, the grass bears the brunt." Of course, this proverb is a wise saying and it applies to all situations where two very powerful and highly influential individuals are locked in a supremacy battle; it is the hoi polloi that suffer the repercussions.

This is exactly the situation that is currently faced by the people of Ekiti as their governor  Ayodele Fayose compounds their woes and mysteries with the indefinite strike action embarked on by Medical practitioners in the state. This, coupled with the fact that State workers are also being owed 5months salaries will no doubt worsen the Social well being of the masses.

There is no doubt that many of these Doctors have private hospitals/clinics where they operate and charge exorbitant rates. There is also no doubt that Fayose can afford medical expenses overseas on government bills. What then happens to the masses who neither can afford the charges of private hospitals nor traveling expenses abroad for medical treatment?

As the Yoruba would say, "Maalu ti o niru, oluwa ni'n baa lesinsin" (A cow with no tail, God it is that drives flies away from it).

Ekiti people! How market?

Sirnucy Lafiagi