For a couple of years now, I have consistently maintained that Nigerians are professional hypocrites and are never sincere to whatever cause they claim to pursue because even though on the surface it may look altruistic and humanitarian, underneath that layer is a selfish interest well laced with religious or ethnic colouration. In fact, let me confess that I do not know the things that unite us as a people and have kept us going all these years despite the hatred, distrust, disdain & contempt that we have for one other. To the "hausa", the "nyamiris" (igbos & other ethnic groups in the east/south) cannot be trusted with power; while the "bayarbe" (Yorubas) are "baraayi" (thieves). Ask the igbos about the other two ethnic groups & you will hear them say "those abokis are cows" while the Yorubas are #betrayers. The Yoruba on the other hand will describe the igbos as "over ambitious"; and the hausa as "eranko" (animals). Yet, none of us can do without the other! Anyways, that's a topic for another day.

Now that tension has been doused following the reported arrest of the cold blood killers of Mrs Bridget, it is my hope that the authorities shall speed up the prosecution so that conviction and sentencing of those murderers can be concluded in no time. It was "a sad day Devil drink water for the family"; a day they will wish to forget quickly and move on with life. Please, accept my heartfelt condolences.

The unfortunate incident has further exposed the hypocrisy of Nigeria's self-styled human right activists who come on Social Media to rant, condemn, accuse and curse others to earn fame and praise from hypocrites alike as well as from well meaning Nigerians who mistake their sugar-coated and well packaged hypocrisy for patriotism. One or two days of media ranting and "fiam" they creep back into their cocoons hoping for another opportunity to vent their anger against their ethno-religious rivals. These bigots and extremists are the real problems with Nigeria.

It is rather unfortunate that common criminals are allowed to commit dastardly acts everyday without any form of hindrance or condemnation by the self- acclaimed activists on Social Media. If  armed_robbers or rapists or ritualists or Cultist, be they Muslims or non Muslims are mobbed, decapitated & burnt alive in Lagos, Port Harcourt or Calabar, the crowd cheer on and these hypocritical_activists commend and celebrate them for being security conscious and vigilant. To them, those people deserve to die a gruesome death.

However, if the same thing happens in Kano or Bauchi and the victims involved are either Christians or Southerners or Easterners, the same people scream to high heavens and verbally attack every northerner, from Emirs to Governors. You see, same crime, same barbarism, same people, different perception. Naija I hail thee

According to Chike Okonkwo, this incident happened recently in Emohua, Rivers state. A young man was killed and beheaded while his body was burnt, yet it provoked no national response. In fact, his assailants, after decapitating him molested his corpse by inserting a stick of cigarette in his nose & a sachet of drinking in his mouth, yet not a whimper was heard from the Social Media
hypocrites. The story never trend because the perpetrators are not Muslims and it didn't happen in the north.

May God save us from ourselves...