The bottom line is, nobody deserves to be killed extra judicially; religion or no religion. This gesture should also be extended to suspected Cultist, Rapists, Ritualist, Robbers etc. They all deserve to be charged to court for a proper and thorough judicial process. Anything short of that is an act of terrorism that must be investigated by relevant authorities and the culprits, if found guilty must be brought to book. But do we really care?

Our Religious cum Cultural diversities are not our problems at all. Our real problems are sheer ignorance, hatred for one another, wickedness and barbarity. This is why the topic of one of my academic papers is:

"Understanding, not tolerance: A paradigm shift in Muslim-Christian relationship in Nigeria."

Let us all learn to respect each other's religious inclinations and ethnic affiliations. Together, we can fight the bigots and extremists among us to a standstill. It is only when we do this that we all can live in peace.

Sirnucy Lafiagi