Nigeria is a hypocrisy-infested nation. In fact, the average Nigerian you meet on the street is so hypocritical that he finds great comfort in making a statement now and contradicting himself the next moment without any iota of guilt or apology or remorse. From my interactions with several cyber folks overtime, I have come to realize that what really drives the passion of many Nigerians or form their opinions is neither reason nor objectivity, but rather frivolous things such as religious bigotry, ethnocentric chauvinism, syphilitic parochialism, pestilential nepotism and catalytic parapoism (apologies to Patrick Obahiagbon). Why did I say this?

This morning, my cyber-friend, Fred Asuquo posted on his timeline a story about a 48 year old man who was caught pants down in the bush sleeping with a 14year old Secondary School girl in his Jeep car. Although I was first to comment on the post, I was however shocked to read the barrage of comments that trailed the post, most of which never saw anything bad in the act. In fact, one of them argued that so long as it was consensual and she wasn't raped, there is no big deal in the matter. And in spite of my attempt to convince them that a minor was involved here with a man who is likely to be her father's age mate, they just want reason along with me.

Anyways, let's flash back to the Yunusa vs Ese Oruru's brouhaha that saw the sudden proliferation of child rights activists, feminists a d good Samaritans, most of whom not only castigated Yunusa for such a barbaric and inhumane act, but also advocated for his trial and sentencing to death by hanging. Worse still, some ethno-religious bigots blamed Yunusa's misdeeds on his religion and ethnicity. Unfortunately, when I told them to juxtapose both issues and then justify their current view, I was told that the cases are different! Eeeeeeeewoooooo!

In any case, as far as I am concerned, evil is evil, irrespective of who perpetrates it or under what guise it is perpetrated. And so long as we continue to hinge and premise our argument and judgement on both proclivities of religion and ethnicity, peace will continue to be elusive in our nation. As for those rugged head mofos, I will never pray that their daughters fall victim of rape and pedophilia.

May God rid our nation of these professional hypocrites.

Sirnucy Lafiagi