That Thugnor Peteru Ayodele Fayose is gradually almajirizing Ekiti State is an understatement. In fact, Oshoko has completely reduced many citizens of the 'Professor-infested' State into "tifun lorans" who have completely lost all sense of rationality and civility. As soon as he became Governor, Fayose' appointed a Special Assistant on "StomachInfrastructure" whose portfolio is to keep providing as many food to the people as possible. And while other State Governors are busy commissioning roads, schools, medical centres as well as other basic amenities to ameliorate the suffering of the electorates and improved their standard of living, the only thing Fayose has been seen commissioning is Foodu! Foodu!! & more Foodu!!!

Like the Almajiris in the North, Fayose lines up Ekiti people to distribute a 2kg bag of rice with a meagre N200 to them as reimbursement even though he has failed to pay workers salaries for about 5months now. This is the tactics which Fayose employs to win the love and support of the masses any time, any day. He keeps them entangled in a Web of perpetual poverty and impoverishment.

For now, Fayose's magic wand is working against his people. So long as he keeps giving them food, they don't ask questions on how the state is run or what future holds for their children. After all, among all deities, the throat is the most worshipped: na every day e dey receive 'etutu'. Abi okun inu ko lafin gbe t'ode? Fayose no doubt knows his people's gluttonous tendencies, and he is ready to feed them to death!

It is quite unfortunate that while other Nigerians 'eat to live'; Ekiti people 'live to eat'. What a tragedy!

Sirnucy Lafiagi