This is what LAI MOHAMMED said last year Dec 2014

This is what LAI MOHAMMED said last year Dec 2014. In his christmas message as APC spokesman "Many cannot travel home due to fears of kidnapping, ethno-religious crisis and insurgency, depending on which part of the country they are from. Many cannot celebrate due to the effects of the economic downturn, as manifested in weakening Naira and falling oil prices, both exacerbated by widespread corruption.

"Many will mark the holidays in darkness as the country's public power supply seems to have fallen in a direct proportion to huge funds ostensibly pumped into the sector in the past few years. Many will be stuck on the roads that have become clogged due to their poor state".

"While there is no magic way to solve the myriad of problems facing our country in one fell swoop, an APC government will begin to positively impact on the citizenry within its first few months at the helm, to such an extent that Nigerians will have a better Christmas celebration in 2015" (In the 7th month of APC govt. LAI MOHAMMED as minister of information is blaming GEJ's govt for fuel scarcity and the current economic hardship)

Like my friend always say, 'Every lie has an expiry date'-- But, APC propaganda and lies expired too early.
***Venatius Chikwado