In Nigeria, much of the news cycle has been dominated with stories of corruption, open thievery of our common wealth by those we entrusted with
public office. One name seems to resonate the most of recent - DASUKI! Whichever side of the divide you are (and the division is quite clear!), we need to take a collective deep breath and do some introspection! So, who is 'corrupt'?

Not just politicians and public officials, but MOST OF US, Nigerians. We drink corruption like fish guzzle water.

But there shall be a day of reckoning, very very soon. Lives have been lost as a result of corruption - in hospitals that remain mere consulting clinics, on roads that have craters more than tar. But there shall be a day of reckoning, very very soon. Politicians, keep stealing. Oh, Jonah said that is not corruption. Diaris God o! Public officials, keep robbing our collective wealth. It never lasts; your children will bear the brunt. A curse? No, eternal principle of the Almighty (and of any god you worship!)

For those out of public life, how well do we do in our duties - to our nation, to our families, to ourselves? Do we pay our taxes (and the correct amount
thereof)? How well do we treat our spouses and children? Or is that not a form of corruption? How well do we relate with one another based on merit, and not parochial sentiments? Or is that not a form of corruption? Feel free to conjure up your own list! But for all will there be a day of reckoning? I believe so, you may disagree.

My confidence is based on the fact that when a bata drum (a local Nigerian musical contraption - apologies to Fela Anikulapo Kuti) beats too loudly, it
is as sure as day that it is ready to burst. That there shall be a day of reckoning, very very soon is clear (some may argue that time is now). But who
really is corrupt? If public office holders can be tongue-bashed, arraigned and legally death with if found culpable, what about individuals in private life,
in hidden crevices of human existence?

Above represents my thoughts (fallible ab initio, I admit). Can we have a discourse? Contrary views are most welcome. As with all human discourse this may become emotive, but let's try and keep it civil, please.