Lay Legal Episode 4 (A series)

High Court of Justice, Ida state, holden at Oak City Nilearia, court 95 presided
over by Hon. Justice L.I. Dakata. It was a decent Thursday morning; the court
registrars cum clerks were on to their various jobs. Administrative duties
meant that their job routines did not end at court sittings. Not having heard
anything positive about their boss’s kidnap, there was obvious gloom in the
moods of the colleagues, save for Mrs Adeola, the court’s chief registrar who
maintained a positive mindset about the Judge’s fate and attempted at every
given opportunity to ‘infect’ her colleagues with same. The fatherly judge was
being missed a great deal. They however attended to lawyers and litigants who
came around for various purposes.
Sade: Good morning Ma.
Mrs Adeola: Good morning fine girl, I like your hair.
Sade: (with a Duchenne smile) thank you Ma.
Mrs Adeola: So what can I do you for?
Sade: errm, please Ma, my firm represents the Claimant in Antari Nil. Ltd. and
Fox Nil. Ltd. I am here to inform you that we have agreed on a date with
the opposing lawyer.
Mrs Adeola: What date is that? Give me the suit number; when was the last

adjourned date?

About 100 metres from the court room was Mercy who had accompanied Sade
to the court complex. Her attention was however caught by a book on
matrimonial law displayed on a bookstand. Sade had no interest in checking
out any book, so she simply left the book worm to her thing and went inside
the court. Mercy went through the pages of the book with rapt attention
hoping to find some scholarly representation on a point crucial to Ima’s case.
Tristan: A rare sight it is, a charming lady who is quite interested in books and
studying. I mean it’s a total package.

Mercy: (with head still bowed down and eyes fixed on the book) yeah, the

sight is rare but the compliment is usual. So no thanks.

Tristan: (feeling a bit stupefied by the much unexpected response thought of
the next line; one that would score a fine point) you seem to be
looking for something very important in that book. I can see it is on
matrimonial causes. If you don’t mind, I have the most
comprehensive text on matrimonial causes.

Mercy: (maintaining her head position) please by the time our paths cross
again, be done reading that comprehensive text so that you can
explain to me the very thing I am searching for in this book or you
could let me search for it in peace and find it now so that when our
paths cross again, the only thing you would have the opportunity of
talking to me about would not be book related.

Tristan: (thought to himself) which kind winch be diswan? You haven’t even
raised your head to see my face, how would you even know when our
paths cross?

Mercy: Trust me, I would, you are always on this pair of shoes.
Tristan: Excuse me?
Mercy: (lifting her head) Tristan, I know you. Now if you don’t mind, I would

love to finish this page. It captures exactly what I need.

Tristan: But...
Mercy: ...please do you mind?
Tristan’s confidence at that point was at an all-time low; no one had ever
battered his ego as much. He inched away. Mercy felt quite fulfilled, she had
itched to give the guy a dose of his own medicine. Mercy was nauseated when
Sade related her court experience with Tristan a few weeks back. She was by no
means fooled by the last minute attempt Tristan made to ‘redeem’ his image.
She knew the guy was a petty opportunist and vowed to hit him hard and there
he came like a blood stained scuba diver in shark infested waters.
Tristan made his way to court 24. He wondered why he didn’t just go to the
court directly. He cursed every motive that led him to that Medusa. Still in a

dazed state, he stumbled on Sade who had finished from the court and was
making her way back to the book stand to see if Mercy was still there.
Immediately Tristan set eyes on Sade, he had an unmistakable conviction that
the gbas gbos he just received from Medusa had something to do with her; his
snobbish attitude kicked in. Frail Sade attempted to exchange pleasantries.
Sade: Hey Tristan, good morning, thanks for the other day.
Tristan: Yeah (he made to move away).
Sade: Ah ah! I don’t get it! One minute you are a gentleman, the other you are
a freaking snob. What did I ever do to offend you?
Tristan: Please I don’t have time for this. I have important things to do.
(Here comes Mercy).
Mercy: You didn’t have important things to do when you came hitting on me
with your lame pick-up lines.
Tristan: Oh! Yeah! My instincts are never wrong! I knew you had something to
do with the silly attitude this twerp gave me a few minutes back.
Mercy: Iya ẹ! It is your mother who is a twerp, your grandmother and every
single thing in your family with ovaries.
Tristan retorted and there ensued a heated argument almost degenerating to a
fisticuff. A scene had been created; Mercy had thrown caution to the wind.
Sade on the other hand felt so embarrassed; however, lawyers and other people
within the premises intervened timeously. Remember in the beginning when
we said the Thursday morning was a decent one? Well, at his point it didn’t
seem so decent anymore except that all decency was returned when Mrs
Adeola ran out of her court room shouting for joy. She had just finished from
the phone with Justice Dakata. The Hon. Judge had regained his freedom.
Here’s what happened in scene 3. Recall that the Orcs were closing in on Delta
Force and... Please let us just rewind to the concluding part of scene 3.

**Concluding Part of Scene 3**
The Orcs were now about 70 metres away, Captain Dagogo while still bleeding
and not having received any response from the base even after repeated signals

had been sent, knew at that point that if he ordered his men to retreat to the
refinery, they would become vulnerable in the 200 metres open stretch
between the palm plantation and the refinery. He ordered the men to brace up
for a last stand.
Captain Dagogo: Men of Operation Delta Force, as you can see, we have been
compromised. We are outnumbered. Yes we are outnumbered
but we are not outwitted, we are not out-skilled. We can bring
down these Orcs. That is what we are trained for.
However if we fall today, we fall in glory. If we fall today, we
would have fallen side by side the bravest men to have graced
the military camo, so let not your spirits be broken. Prepare to
engage one last time at close range.

The new Orcs were now 40 metres away firing heavily. Men of the rescue team
said their last prayers and were ready to go all out in one final assault. The
Orcs were now 20 metres away and voila! There came in commando style 2 MK
VI patrol gun boats loaded with a total of 14 well armed troops and 1 M240
machine gun each. The distress signal sent to the base had paid off just in the
nick of time. Aided by a special lighting system, they quickly opened fire on the
advancing enemies killing 8 of them on the spot while the remaining 3
including the kingpin scampered for safety and fled into the forest. Two of
them, excluding the kingpin were however hunted down and neutralized. The
backup team moved in and made sure the whole area was clear. Captain
Dagogo had lost much blood. Immediately he learnt of their renewed safety, he
passed out and was quickly attended to. Phoenix was recused. After all said
and done, the casualties of the rescue mission read:
-21 dead Orcs including the one apprehended by Captain Dagogo and
Alpha Z at the point of rescuing Phoenix. The Orc was hit by friendly fire
during the gun duel;
- 2 wounded men of Delta Force: Captain Dagogo and Lieutenant Edem
and of course;
-1 dead adult male gorilla.

 Gbas Gbos-Humiliation
 Iya ẹ! – Your mother
 Which kind winch be diswan? - What sort of Witch is this?
 Ah ah- expression of surprise

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