Wife Got Pregnant for Secret Lover, Dump Baby on the Street

A cheating wife dumped her newborn baby on a doorstep after keeping her entire pregnancy secret from her husband. The husband claimed he never knew a thing about the said pregnancy, though the two of them were staying under the same roof for the 9 months duration of the said pregnancy. He claimed he rarely noticed any unbecoming behaviour in the wife too.

Her name is Leigh-Anne Varley and she is 36 years old. She had told her unsuspecting husband, Simon, 39, and their two children, aged 16 and 6, she had ovarian cysts which caused 'swelling'. They too beloved, not being able to different pregnancy from ovarian cysts. In reality, she was pregnant by a lover and hid his baby boy, named 'Jack', right up to the birth.

For nine months, she meticulously planned a home delivery, got scissors and towels ready, and worked out where to abandon the baby near her home in Horden County, Durham.

As she went into labour, she did some housework, put her six-year-old to bed then delivered in the bathroom, with her teenage daughter on a night out with friends, and Simon working night-shift. So, it was a perfectly secretive delivery for her since no one knew about the delivery even among the neighbours.

Sneaking out of the neat modern terrace at the dead of night, she returned within minutes, later booking a 'dream' trip to Disney World in Florida for her family, then going to work in the morning with full assurance that her act would remain hidden.

Wrapping the tiny newborn in a dressing gown, she placed him on the doorstep of a flat close to a medical centre, with a note saying: "Please take care of my baby boy. Please don't go public as my husband is violent and will kill me." She also knocked on a door in a bid to alert a nearby neighbour. She left the scene immediately, hoping the neighbour would discover the baby and do the needful. The baby was found, writhing in its dressing gown wrapper.

The child was found cold, but otherwise unharmed between four and five hours later by a man walking his dog very early the next morning. Unfortunately for her, peeping pair of eyes saw her as she tiptoed from her apartment to the point where she had dumped the baby and back. The neighbour however did not know what Varley was holding was a baby until the news broke in the morning.

Following the evidence provided by the peeping neighbour, authorities went to question Varley about what happened. She first vehemently denied knowing anything about it. But the mum-of-three later admitted abandoning a child, confessing that she had an affair and she believed the baby was the result of that affair.

"She was unable to tell her husband because she was fearful of breaking up the family unit. This is a very sad case, she is of previous good character and was in a desperate situation which led to the offence occurring."

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