Dr. Ben Carson Rise in Recent Republican Polls

Dr. Ben Carson Rise in Recent Republican Polls

The presidential elections are closing in on America and the Yankees are about going to the polls again. The race for the presidency is heating up as the republicans make moves to elect their presidential flag bearer. Dr Ben Carson and Donald Trump are the leading candidates vying for the republican presidential

ticket. The leading stance of Donald Trump is very noticeable. However, Dr. Ben Carson seems to be on the rise in profile in recent times. No one can say specifically if Dr Ben Carson has what it takes to unseat Donald Trump at the primaries as the republican flag bearer. Dr Ben Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon; actually he is the best that had ever lived.  

San Wang is a Princeton polling expert. He pointed out that Dr Ben Carson is on the rise and many more republicans are coming to accept him. He declared this after the results from the public opinion polls. He said that Dr Ben Carson had been able to rise higher in recent times to the top rungs of the ladder along with other notable aspirants. The recent upsurge in his public acceptance is sequel to the presidential debate held late last week, Thursday to be precise.

According to another public opinion poll released in Iowa, Dr Ben Carson’s profile is equally on the rise in that state. His public support rose by 12% and this makes him the second most popular candidate behind Donald Trump. The public opinion poll in question was released by Public Policy Polling. No one can say specifically if the events in the nearest future will tilt the balance in favor of Dr Ben Carson among the Hawkeye State Republicans against Donald Trump.  One can only wait and watch as events unfold.

Yet another survey result was released by SurveyMonkey and NBC on Sunday. The survey results also showed an increase in the popularity of the accomplished neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. The results of the poll showed an increase of up to 11% in the neurosurgeons public acceptance. The NBC poll result is however a national assessment unlike the Public Policy Polling results that only targeted the Hawkeye State Republicans. The national polling results showed Dr. Ben Carson to trail behind Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Senator Ted Cruz could not enjoy the rise in profile enjoyed by Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump in the other polling results earlier mentioned.

Another firm, Morning Consult also released a polling result on the republican ticket race.  According to the results of their poll, Dr Ben Carson was found to be among the most popular 3 candidates. As at late July, Dr Ben Carson rose by 8%. The result rose to 9% in the last poll. The profile of Dr Ben Carson had been on the rise for several weeks now. It would be recalled that Dr Ben Carson had never been elected into any office in the United States. However, he made the best use of the opportunity he had at the presidential debate and this made him warm his way into the hearts of many republicans.            


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