11 Year Old Girl Impregnated By Stepdad

An eleven year old girl had been delivered of a baby said to be owned by her step father. The girl was an unfortunate victim of rape by her stepfather, a 42 year old man named Benitez Zarate. This report was made public by Mirror.co.uk.

The website reported that the young Paraguayan girl had been receiving aids and attention from various

international child right groups the moment they learnt of her predicament. She was said to have taken in for her step father on May 2015 when she was still 10 years old. The grand father had been in custody of law enforcement agencies since the news hit the headlines.

According to the laws of Paraguay, it is a very strong offence to procure abortion. In actual fact, Paraguay has one of the strongest laws against abortion across the globe. This was why the Paraguayan authorities went completely against the pressure put on it by various human right organizations and Amnesty International to allow the girl abort the pregnancy at its early stage.

The Amnesty international and these right organizations reasoned that getting pregnant at such an early age and in such circumstances would have long lasting psychological effect on the girl. The Paraguayan government on the other hand had insisted that its laws must be obeyed on abortion by all and sundry.

Instead of permitting abortion, the government reiterated its resolve to assist the girl in all possible ways to get over the trauma and the psychological impact that this may have on her. They also stated that they would give her all needed supports to aid her safe delivery.   

The girl was delivered of a baby girl at one of the hospitals in Paraguay on 13th day of August, 2015. The stepfather had been accused of being responsible for the pregnancy. However, the 42 year old step father had vehemently denied having carnal knowledge of the girl at the initial stage of the investigation but he later confessed to being responsible for the pregnancy.

The stepdad insisted that a test be conducted on the baby to ascertain the baby’s paternity, since he had never been able to get any woman pregnant all his life despite the fact that he had been with several women.

The 11 year old mother could not give birth per-vaginal; the doctors had to opt for caesarian section to deliver the 3.5 kilograms baby. The doctor in charge of the hospital insisted that the girl was allowed to go through much risk by permitting the pregnancy to develop; the doctor believes that the Paraguayan government should agree to bend the rules when unfortunate situations like this arise.

The doctor made the utterance in agreement with other declarations by health professionals across the globe and the World Health Organization that girls stand the risk of losing their lives if they get pregnant too early in life, since their bodies are not yet properly developed. The doctor proffers safe abortion services as another option the Paraguayan government should look into.

By Anthony Olawale Ojo

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