Teenager Sentenced To 11 Years Imprisonment for Stabbing Nigerian Teacher

Justice has caught up with a 14 year old boy in Bradford Crown, who went on rampage and stabbed Vincent Uzomah, a 50 year old teacher from Nigeria in the stomach. The 14 year old teenager was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. The crime was actually committed some months back and the court case had been adjourned for a couple

of times before final verdict was read by the judge early this week.  The judge’s decision is expected to serve as deterrent to others who may want to venture into similar violent acts.

The name of the prosecutor is Jonathan Sharp.  According to him, the 14 year old teenager is a well known bully and disruptive individual. He had been known to cause trouble among school mates and had gotten into trouble with many teachers in the school. He is equally a well known bully in their neighborhood. Mr. Vincent Uzomah had only spent seven weeks in the school before the stabbing incidence occurred. According to Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp, the teenager had disliked the Nigerian teacher right from the first day the later started working in the school. The teenager’s last action was to emphasis how much he hated the Nigerian teacher.

The boy never hid his dislike for the teacher. According to Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp, the boy had always complained that the teacher was not a good teacher. The boy was known to call the teacher “n*****” and he called him that in anger immediately before stabbing him. The teenager revealed to one of his friends his plan to stab a teacher. It was also learnt that the teenager smuggled a knife into the school on June 11. According to eye witness, the knife had a “substantial blade”.

The teenager and the teacher had a row over the boy’s mobile phone and the boy stabbed the teacher in the course of the row. Prior to stabbing the teacher, Eye witness account had it that the boy got very angry and very red in the face; he put down his head and muttered “bastard” and “n*****”. After this, he moved towards the unsuspecting teacher, put his hand in his pocket and brought out the knife to stab the teacher in the stomach.

Some 20 minutes after committing the said crime, the boy went to his Facebook page and posted thus: “the motherf***** getin funny so I stick the blade straight in his tummy.” Up to 69 Facebook “likes” were received by the said Facebook post, according to Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp. The boy was sentenced to 6 years in detention after which he would serve another 5 years for license period. Many Nigerians across the world have praised the decision of the judge, calling it the perfect judgment and hoping it would caution other individuals with such violent tendencies. Some other groups of people however think the punishment should have been more than that. It would be recalled that blacks have been targets of various attacks in foreign lands beyond Africa. However, the racial discrimination displayed by the Caucasians against blacks has reduced compared with what obtained in the past.

By Anthony Olawale Ojo

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