Alien Spotted On Earth in India

A man from India had claimed that he photographed an alien life on Earth. If this claim turns out to be true, then this will represent the very first evidence of such discovery on earth. The creature captured in the said photograph had in his hand an object that looked more like some deformed fetus. The Indian man claimed that

the object is nothing other than an alien humanoid.  The man was actually fetching water from a well when he made this unexpected discovery. The news is forcing scientists the world over to further investigate how this could have been and what could have been the origin of such alien creature. The Indian man claimed he took the picture in Jodhpur, a city in India. The city happens to be the second largest in Rajasthan state,

The discovery caught the world unawares. There had been stories in the past of aliens being discovered on earth. However, no one had ever been able to substantiate the story with evidence. There had been claims from vacuous parts of the United States, Europe and Asia of how certain alien discoveries had been made. But until now, none of such discoveries had been captured in a picture. This discovery is expected to drive scientists into frenzy; they would want to discover how the alien reached the earth. In the days to come, scientists plan to bring the picture under scrutiny and find out if it true or not. They would want to know if this picture is genuine or not. If it proves to be genuine, then they would want to know how the creature got to the planet in the first place.  It looks like a very busy future for the scientists.

In times past, lots of effort had been made to find out if there are other creatures living on outer planets. Scientists have made explorations to outer planets and places like the moon, Venus, Mars and many more. There was much expectation that living beings would be found on the moon.  However, such expectations had never been transformed to reality till date. Researches are however ongoing still. The Mars had been termed as the twin brother of earth. The two of them are placed side by side by Mother Nature. The two of them have the same circumference and there are expectations that life may be found on it. According to scientists, some evidences of previous lives have been found on the Mars. Scientists discovered things that suggested that water might have flown on Mars the same way it is flowing on earth.

As at today, lots of researches are ongoing on Mars. Scientists are making effort to find out if Mars can become habitable to man. Such researches have actually reached an advanced stage. If the Indian man’s claim of alien discovery on earth turns out to be true, then it may quicken the rate at which scientists get final answers to the bugging questions of extra terrestrial lives and possibility of man being able to live on other planets.  Meaningful progress is expected as the years roll by.

Written by:Anthony Olawale Ojo

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