Have Mario Falcone and Emma Split?

The relationship between Emma McVey and Mario Falcone looks like it has hit the rock as the two stars seems to be on the road to a permanent separation.  Before now, there had been indications in the media of the impending separation; it was therefore not entirely surprising when the actual separation came to public notice. To underscore this rather

saddening situation, Mario went ahead to get all his Instagram postings that relates to their relationship deleted.  To wrap it up, Mario tweeted “Don’t trust anyone”. In actual fact, people started seeing them together since November of last year. Some months back, the two of them actually made public their plans to get married in preparation for a blissful future together.

Things started falling apart in recent times when the frequency of their togetherness started dwindling. Suspicion was rife of their impending separation and the public was almost prepared for it when it finally came to the fore that they have separated.  Every image or picture in which the couple was together had been deleted by Mario from his Instagram page. “Never trust anyone… Sometimes even those closest to you are the worst” goes the pointed tweet lifted off Mario’s twitter page after deleting Emma’s pictures from his Instagram page. The public have not seen them together since then till now.

However, the two of them have not made any public comment as regards this separation. Emma actually tweeted that she was feeling drained early this week and there are indications that this might be the root for terminating their blissful romantic relationship. Just last month, Mario revealed his plan to Reveal magazine to buy a new home together with his girlfriend. He gave emphatic statement that the girlfriend he was referring to was none other than Emma.

Several efforts had been made to contact Mario, but all had proved abortive. However, moves had been made to contact his representative. Until the two of them make categorical statements, this will only remain a rumor. Some schools of thought in the entertainment world think otherwise anyway; they reason that Mario wouldn’t have made those Instagram deletions if the two of them are still together and without any plan to break up.    

Conjectures are rife as regards what could have led to the break up of the couple. No one could place a finger on anything specifically. Some said Emma might have been caught in the act with another guy and this could have prompted Mario to take the final and decisive action. Not that there is any evidence to back such declaration; they only concluded that nothing else could have prompted such sudden break up other than infidelity. Some also reasoned that nothing could have prompted Mario to make the “trust” tweet other than the issue of infidelity. There are equally conjectures that Emma could have gotten bored with the relationship, putting into consideration her disturbing tweet penultimate week.

Since none of the two had made any statement to this effect, we can only keep our fingers crossed and wait impatiently for either Emma or Mario to make a public statement.

Written by:Anthony Olawale Ojo

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