My Mum Died When another Man Claimed To Be My Father - Shina Peter

Sir Shina Peters is a well known figure in the entertainment industry. He ruled the airwaves in his days. He recently revealed to newsmen how his mother slumped and died the moment another man claimed to be his father. If you were around in the early 1990s, you would have read the story of how two men were fighting over

Sir Shina Peters, with each of them claiming to be his father.  No incisive statement about the incidence was ever made by Sir Shina Peters since then till recently when be bared his mind to newsmen. The only statement made on the issue some 20 years ago was that Baba Iju, one of the warring claimants, was his father.

“Sir Shina Peters” is just a screen name. His full name is Oluwashina Akanbi Peters. He was actually born on May 30th 1958. He hailed from Ogun State, Nigeria. According to him, he lost his mom to stardom. He said his mom read about the story of his paternity dispute and she was deeply shocked by it. According to Sir Shina Peters, his mother had muttered sadly in grief about the unacceptable prospect of giving her child to two fathers. Narrating how his mother died, Sir Shina Peters said she went down immediately she heard the news of his disputed paternity and that she was in coma for up to six months after that; she never came out of the coma alive.

Sir Shina Peters narrated further that his mother had a daughter for another man before marrying his father and that the two men bore the same surname. He said his mother remarried to his father after three years of separating from her first husband. He disclosed that his mother’s first husband was approached by journalists and the man claimed that he was his father.  This statement led to his mother’s untimely and painful death. He confessed that he was very bitter about what his mother’s first husband said, particularly since such statement led to his mother’s death; he declared that time had healed him of this hurt.

Sir Shina Peters used the opportunity to address the rumor going the round that he is broke. He debunked it as utter lie. Narrating the story of how he became a musician, he said he started his musical career in the Cherubim and Seraphim Church.  He was exposed to all sorts of musical instruments. He confessed that he started by learning how to play the piano and this made it easy for him to learn all other musical instruments.

He linked his decision to go into music to divine revelation. He claimed to have had a dream when he was 10 years old that made him to decide for music. He confessed that his parents were not happy about his decision to jettison schooling for music, but that they later encouraged him when he did not budge, despite all efforts they made to make him change his mind. He said he had to resort to fasting and prayer to achieve stardom.

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