The True Story of How I Raped My Friend’s Daughter

The news hit the headlines some days ago about the UNILAG lecturer that raped his friend’s daughter. Well, the lecturer is narrating his own side of the story already. Many caught rapists in the past would blame their evils on the devil, but this part-time lecturer at UNILAG is not towing that line and he is already opening up why

he had carnal knowledge of his friend’s daughter.

The lecturers name is Afeez Baruwa and he is a part-time lecturer in University of Lagos (UNILAG). He was arrested some days ago and accused of forcefully defiling Caroline (not real name) in his office. 

Afeez confessed that he took Caroline to YABATECH where he showed her around the campus.  He however said he did not have a preplan to rape the 18 year old girl. He said he did not take her to YABATECH for the purpose of raping the girl.

According to Afeez Baruwa, he claimed the girl asked him to be very free with her while the two of them were discussing in his office. According to Mr. Baruwa, he wanted to lie down while the girl was around, but he did not want to rumple his shirt, so he took the shirt off. Afeez claimed that Caroline told him not to worry about her presence while he was taking off his shirts; she added that it was his office, so he was free to do anything he wanted to do.     

Baruwa claimed that the girl lay on his chest when they got to his office and that she went the extra mile of playing with his manhood.  He said he just could not resist the temptation to have carnal knowledge of the girl as a result of this. Afeez said he asked the girl to give him a hug when she was about leaving and that the fateful hug led to the now famous sexual encounter between the two of them.

Baruwa claimed that he asked the girl to allow him put on a condom when he could not hold his desires back anymore. In his words, “The truth is that, while I was putting on a condom, she stood by and waited”.  He claimed he was not able to penetrate into her because she started complaining of pain in her tummy. The complaint made him to stop abruptly.

According to Baruwa, the girl’s father sent him a message informing the former that he had learnt of what happened to his daughter in Baruwa’s office. Baruwa finally declared that the sexual encounter between him and his friend’s daughter was consensual and nothing more. He however regretted betraying his friend’s trust and confessed he had reached out to Caroline’s father to apologize to him.  He got arrested by the Nigerian Police just 2 days after the incident.

The affected girl had not been seen in public since the issue came to light. Efforts had been made by newsmen to reach out to her to avail. Her parents too have not been saying much since the incidence occurred. 

Written by: Anthony Olawale Ojo


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