2-and-a-half Year Old Gang-Raped in India

The epidemic of sexual violence occurring in India is becoming alarming and horrific. Two rape incidents of minors gangrape were recorded in just one day. In a new report on an Indian local TV, A two-and-a-half year’s old girl and a five years old girl have reportedly been gang-raped in separate shocking attacks in Delhi in the past 24 hours. The victim was reported to have been abducted by two men on a motorbike when she was at home watching television in Nangloi.


The toddler was later found lying naked and unconscious and bleeding profusely in one of the nearby parks located in the neighborhood by inhabitants in that vicinity. On the same day, in a different area, another report of rape hit the headline but this time around, it was a five years old girl that was reported to have been abducted from her home and ganged raped in Anand Vihar

However, on this occasion the little girl was taken by one of the suspect to his house where him and two other of his friends carry out the horrible deed. "Her clothes were partially torn with blood spots all over them. Some locals saw her and she told them she was sexually assaulted, they barged into the house and caught them before handing them over to us." says an officer from Anand Vihar police station in a tweet posted by the chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal

The two and half years old victim had been bleeding non-stop, while the five years old victim sustained serious injuries from bite marks on her body.

Also in what can be seen as a strange occurrence, a 14-year-old boy, Philip Chism, has been arrested by the Massachusetts Police in the United States of America for allegedly raping and murdering his class teacher, Colleen Ritzer, who was 24. According to police reports, Ritzer was Chism's Mathematics teacher at the Danvers High School at the time he committed the dastard act in 2013.

The teacher had reportedly told Chism to stay back in class after school as punishment for not concentrating on his studies. However, she was reported missing after she did not return home from school with surveillance video showing Chism following his teacher into a bathroom while wearing gloves. 12 minutes later, he was seen coming out of the bathroom by himself and was spotted pulling a recycling bin which was later found next to the Ritzer's body in a wooded area.

A fellow student reported that Chism was drawing in a notebook instead of taking notes in class and therefore, the teacher ordered him to stay after class. His mother reported that her son has been under stress after she and his father divorced and she had to move with him from Tennessee to Massachusetts. When police confronted the boy and searched his backpack, they found the teacher’s underpants and her Identity Card along with her credit cards. He is set to go on trial as an adult for rape, robbery and murder.

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