These Jobs Can Kill You Faster

Many people do not think of the health hazards of their jobs. The job market is getting more competitive with fewer spaces. So, people do not mind doing just any job. Many are just grateful for any gainful and profitable opportunity to earn a living. However, a new research by British scientists suggests that the thing to consider when taking

up an employment should be the risk it poses to the health of our hearts.

The study reveals that people’s hearts are ageing “faster than their owners” because of the stress and the long hours, they spend at work. The researchers, from the British National Health Care Service, after surveying 8,000 patients, observed that some occupations involved some lifestyle changes that could predispose them to diabetes and heart diseases.

According to the physicians, workers in industries related to health and wellbeing initiatives, such as teaching, medicine and information services had better heart health among their employees compared to those working in transport, property and construction industries. Consultant cardiologist, Dr. Tosin Akinsanya, says although most people do not think of heart disease as occupational hazard, certain jobs may increase one’s risk of heart attacks and other problems. According to him, work-related factors — such as sitting stress, irregular work hours, and exposure to certain chemicals or pollution — can also harm one’s heart.

The specialist notes that people who run shift jobs are at risk of suffering from sleep disorders, such as apnea, dementia as well as other neurological and cardiovascular diseases if they continue at those jobs for more than 25 years. Akinsanya explains, “Rotating shift, a schedule common among doctors, nurses and others, is linked to a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Shift work itself may disrupt circadian rhythm, the “body clock” that plays a role in blood sugar, blood pressure, and insulin regulation.

“People in this occupation have to sleep at odd hours, they have to work many shifts. So, it is impossible for their bodies to have an internal clock or sleep pattern. They also have to respond to emergencies. That means they are inactive for many hours and suddenly active for nine hours at a stretch doing surgeries or monitoring patients in a critical condition.

“This kind of work wrecks your physical, mental and emotional health. Because they do not sleep well, it is confusing for the body to know when to use their cholesterol and glucose, which is a factor that can cause heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. They must not stay at these jobs for too long. If they have to, they must be as active as athletes.”

The cardiologist adds that people who work desk jobs that require that they sit for at least six hours every day may suffer cardiovascular disease before they turn 50. Corroborating this, Dr. Tope Aribisala says sitting for too long has negative effects on the body because it shuts down the metabolic pathways and some major calorie-burning functions in the body. It also increases one’s risk of being obese. He states that being obese is a predisposing factor for diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and sudden death arising from strokes.

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