British Woman Marries Her 22-Year Old Jamaican Toyboy

Love they say have no boundary; it transcends beliefs, race, beauty and even age. It must have been some kind of deep sitted love that prompted a 38-year-old woman to marry a 22-year-old Jamaican toyboy after she fell in love with him while chatting over Skype. That shows how the power of love can connect two people even across the world and across the internet.

Angharad Lovering met baby-faced Loric Bullock when he was just 19 over Skype. The two had just been chatting for few weeks before they fell in love with each other and she immediately flew to Jamaica to meet him in person. Lovering had two kids from her previous relationship. When she arrived at Jamaica, she spent up to three weeks on a tropical island with her new lover and fell pregnant with his baby in the course of their romping. 

Mr Bullock later learnt of the pregnancy and he urged her to keep it. Just weeks later Mr Bullock proposed to the woman he met only once and she answered yes without any hesitation and by text message. Lovering then made plans for Mr Bullock to come over to her in Britain. She paid $5000 for her fiance’s temporary British visa and eventually married him last May.

The lovers now live together in Cardiff, UK and they seem to be living happily and having the best of times together. Their son, Tyrese is now about a year old and Lovering claims she loved the idea of being married to Mr Bullock and also bearing his surname, a new name she adopted by law immediately after the marriage. They share their home with Mrs Bullock’s teenage daughter Daisy, who is 15. She admits that people often mistake Loric for her son or her or daughter’s boyfriend but they don’t care as they are deeply in love.

Lovering said: “A lot of people confuse him for Daisy’s boyfriend. I don’t look as old as I am and I certainly don’t dress my age because I don’t want to look my age. I don’t have wrinkles so I’m lucky. But Loric has a baby face. People hate immigrants, but Loric came here as a father and a lover and has done honest work to fit in, in a small town in the valleys that barely has a black face in it.

"I paid his way to get here, getting a loan and working extra hours in my telesales job, but it was worth it. I keep a very small circle of friends and I don’t really get on with my family so I don’t give a damn what they think.”

She insisted that all that matters is the love she shares with her lover of 3 years, who is now her husband and nothing else matters to her. She said she had noticed honesty in Mr Bullock and also hoped their love would continue forever. She said she is happy that the two of them are growing deeper in love by the day.

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