Jonathan Too Weak to Fight Corruption-- Edwin Clarke

Former Federal Commissioner for Information and South South leader, Chief Edwin Clark, on Wednesday, disclosed that former President Goodluck Jonathan meant well for the country, but the will power to fight corruption was not there, adding that ‘being a gentleman is not enough to govern this country’


Edwin Clarke

He also said he is quitting partisan politics but would play the role of an Elder Statesman, who would be a father to all. The former Federal Commissioner disclosed that he was saying farewell to partisan politics, just as he said that with this move, he would no longer be a member of any registered political party, but would now play the role of an Elder Statesman.

Chief Clark who clocked 88 earlier this year, decided to quit partisan politics. He was an active voice in the campaign for the re-election of his political god-son and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Goodluck Jonathan, prior to the March 28 Presidential election.

Chief Clark who urged all Nigerians to think of Nigeria first above any personal interest, stressed that it was unfortunate that most politicians in the country do not think of Nigeria first, said, “I no longer belong to the PDP. I won’t go to the APC either, but I will continue to talk as an elder statesman and leader of this country. I have left politics. If anyone come to me to say he’s running for any elective position in PDP or APC, I won’t support you. I’m not a member of the PDP anymore.

He reiterated his support for Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade, urging Nigerians to stop talking about sectional or selective justice in the fight against corruption. He said this is in the best interest of the country. He claimed selective justice would only draw Nigeria back and place the country far behind other nations the world over.

In his words: “It is not everything done by the opponent that is wrong. I will therefore support the policies that are for the good of the country because Nigeria belongs to all of us.” He continued, "We are all to support him, particularly in his determination to eradicate corruption in Nigeria. For eight years Obasanjo legalised corruption. Yet, he’s the one talking about corruption. If your brother is arrested, did he give you money? If your sister was arrested for corruption, did she give you money?

Talking about Former President Jonathan, he siad: “Jonathan didn’t have the political will-power to fight corruption. He’s too a gentleman. Drivers of yesterday are living in palatial buildings now under his government. In advanced countries, when you are living above your means, people query you. That’s not so in Nigeria. Former governors and lawmakers are now asking for immunity. Jonathan meant well for this country, but the will power to fight corruption was not there.

“In an ideal society, when a man who earns 20,000 as his monthly salary and all of a sudden he acquire something that is worth N100,000, he should be questioned, but here in Nigeria, immunity has covered those that should be questioned.

He equally enjoined all Nigerians to support the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, insisting that this administration means well for the Nigerian polity.

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