Police Caught 52 Men Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl.

A 16 year old girl had been arrested by the Nigerian police, Anambra State police command. Her name is Ifechuckwu Atunaya. Atunaya is a student of a secondary school in the state and she was arrested after being caught allegedly having sex with more than 52 young men. She was caught in a bush and police officials said the area

where she was caught looked more like an initiation center and she seems to be perfuming initiation ceremony with the men. The girl had been taken to the police station and the police have already sprung into action to further investigate the incident.

The police told newsmen that the girl and the men found with her were deemed to be having an initiation ceremony of a secret cult known as Supreme Vikings Confraternity. The incidence took place in Awka, Anambra State. She was said to have been met naked with the men when the Nigerian police stormed the place following a tip off from concerned members of the society.

The girl was interrogated by the police and she disclosed that she does not reside in Anambra State but had to travel down from Abuja for the initiation ceremony. She said she only came to watch the initiation ceremony, but she was later forced to have sex with all the members of the secret cult and that would confirm her as a full member of the secret cult.

Disclosing to the police, she further said she joined the secret cult some three months ago. She said she was taken through an initiation process that involves sleeping with all the male members of the secret cult that were present at the initiation ground. She said she had to bear the pain as that was part of the initiation requirements. She also said the cult group gave her sedatives to ensure she does not feel the pain or fully realize what was being done to her.       

She said she was the only female member of the cult group present that night of the initiation. She said she was determined to prove her worth as a member of the cult group. She said she had to choose this particular cult group, since they present themselves honorably in comparison with other cult groups. She made known her regrets for what she had done and pleaded to be allowed to return to her school.

One other member of the cult group, Ugochuckwu Agbazuo confessed to the police that they are all undergraduates of various institutions in the state. He however said their leaders are graduates and these leaders assist them in getting arms used for their operations.

The male members were taken through a different and painful initiation process, but the leaders of the cult group observed that the female member would not be able to live through the initiation rites given to the male members and had suggested she had sex with all the male members to fulfill her initiation into the cult group. He also confessed that the treatment given to Ifechukwu was given to every female member that had joined the cult group.  

By Anthony Olawale Ojo

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