People who use social media to measure wealth have poverty mentality - Rita Dominic

Actress Rita Dominic has shared a post about how social media is being used as a yardstick to measure wealth. The actress shared the post on her Instagram story. In the post, Dominic explained that some people believe that when others don't show off things like designer labels and holiday trips they are not rich. According to the actress, this thinking is a form of a poverty mentality. She said happiness or wealth means different things to different people. The actress also advised people that life is not that serious and people should be happy that they are alive and healthy first. The 44-year-old actress' full name is Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha. She is a talented Nigerian actress from Mbaise, Imo state. She is the youngest of four children to parents, who were health care professionals. Her late dad was a medical doctor and late mom was a nursing officer.

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