Nigerians come for Pastor Adeboye for advising his son to sack his secretary

General overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has taken to social media to preach against married people keeping friends of the opposite gender as that is how infidelity starts.

He narrated how one of his sons became fond of his female secretary and at some point, she had become the reason he went to work. Pastor Adeboye immediately advised him to fire her, in order to protect his home. He wrote:" It is sad that many married people are still having crushes with persons apart from their spouses. If there is any fellow aside from your spouse you are admiring unduly, you must see such a person as the devil and get rid of them immediately." One of my sons once told me that he was always excited to resume in the office every Monday because he would get to see his secretary again. I told him to fire her immediately. Nothing and no one is worth your marriage. What is a married woman doing on the phone with another man for countless minutes? Why would a married man be spending so much time with another man’s wife? Why would you prefer to discuss intimate issues with your “friend” of the opposite gender instead of your God-given spouse?" Explaining further, he stated that this was how the devil uses platonic friendship to destroy marriages. According to Adeboye, the devil knows no one sets out to commit adultery, so he makes people think having a platonic relationship with someone of the opposite gender is okay. But a lot of Nigerians were not comfortable with his take on the issue and have taken to their twitter handles to state reasons why what the man of God did was wrong.

Below are some comments gathered from twitter :

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