Man finds N15.7m hidden in a couch he bought, returns it to owners

Howard Kirby bought a couch for his man cave in December 2019. However, the man, who is from the US, complained that one of the cushions was uncomfortable. According to, Kirby's daughter decided to open it up and they made a startling discovery.  It was gathered that the daughter started pulling out money and they ended up with a total of $43,170 (15,649,125.00). While most people would keep the money, Kirby who is a Christian decided to do the right thing. Although he had no legal obligation to return the money, Kirby said it did not feel right to keep the cash. He tracked down the person who donated the couch to the shop where it was bought, and Kirby found out it had been Kim Fauth-Newberry. The couch belonged to Fauth-Newberry's grandfather - who passed away the year before. On January 16, Kirby surprised Fauth-Newberry and he returned every cent of the money he found in her grandpa's couch.

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