Peruzzi’s ex-boss releases proof to show that singer owns the song FIA and not Davido

It appears the year 2020 did not change much from 2019 despite the numerous resolutions people made to be better. The year has already started on a dramatic note in the entertainment industry. Just recently, a talent manager and record label boss identified as King Patrick on Twitter, called out music stars, Davido and Peruzzi.
According to him, Peruzzi was signed on to his record label but posed as an artiste under Davido’s label. Patrick reported that he had reached out to Davido who did nothing about the situation but that he got threatened and ambushed instead. The issue led to a lot of buzz on social media as people advised Patrick to take the matter to court and leave Davido out of it because they claimed Peruzzi is solely to blame for biting the hands that once fed him. Well, Patrick has said that Davido is as much to blame as Peruzzi because he later took over songs that were originally recorded for his label by Peruzzi. According to Patrick, the hit songs, Fia, Ada, Mind, Risky, were all recorded by Peruzzi for his label, Goldenboy entertainment. The young man also shared audio proof of Peruzzi singing Fia, a song that later became one of the biggest songs in the industry and in other parts of the world. Patrick wrote: “Just to clear the air, @Davido Owes Me as Much as @Peruzzi_VIBES does. Fact - the song FIA, Ada, Mind, Risky were recorded by Peruzzi for Goldenboy and are all Owned by Goldenboy... DAVID NEVER PAID ME cc @sonymusic. Instead he took me off royalties. Listen!” See his tweet below:

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