Minister Keyamo stirs another controversy with comment on those he calls ‘Twitter senators’

The minister of state for Niger Delta ministry, Festus Keyamo, on Wednesday, December 4, stirred fresh controversy on social media when he spoke about those he called 'Twitter senators'.
        Keyamo, who did not mention any particular name, drew the attention of Nigerians to a 'realisation' that such senators have been sent out of the upper chamber of the National Assembly. "Have you noticed that all Twitter senators are finally out of the upper chambers? "It tells us that the world of real politics in Africa is not yet played on social media. Social media has not had a substantial impact on our politics," he said. The minister added that real politics is different from what obtains on social media. Meanwhile Keyamo was also involved in another controversy of late when he showed his support for the controversial social media bill, where he also talked about those who are complaining about the bill and why they should first of all stop blocking people who have contradictory opinions to theirs on social media.

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