Single parent adopts 5 siblings of the same parents, so they can stay together

According to reports, a 48-year-old Lamont Thomas has proven that he has a heart of gold after adopting five sibling, so they can stay together. For over two decades, Thomas has fostered over two dozen children in New York, USA, Good Morning America reports. It all started when Thomas thought to step in for friends who had lost their kids to the system. He also made a greater effort when he signed up for a certificate to officially be a foster parent. When Thomas heard that five siblings were to be separated and fostered by different people across America, he stepped up and adopted all of them. With the adoption of Michaela, 1, Major, 2, Nakia, 3, Jamel, 4, and Zendaya, 5, he officially has 12 children, 10 whom he’s adopted and two biological.

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