Jack Ma,founder of Ali Baba challenges Floyd Mayweather to a boxing fight (Video)

American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been tempted to return to the ring after being challenged to a fight by the founder of Alibaba group Jack Ma.

                    Mayweather has retired from boxing after more than 50 fights in his career in which he was never beaten by any opponent. Jack Ma who is believed to be Chinese richest man explained that he is ready to face Floyd Mayweather in a video posted by Manny Pacquiao. "Floyd Mayweather, if you want a real fight, fight me. If you want an exhibition, my guy, my friend, Jack Ma will take care of you,'' Pacquiao explained. 55-year-old Jack Ma also confirmed his readiness to face the money man by saying: "I am ready. Any time, any place, Manny's team is ready," Ma said. Pacquiao first fought Floyd Mayweather in 2015, and the Philippines boxer-turned-senator is seeking a rematch with the American. It now now left for Floyd Mayweather to decide if he would come out of retirement to face any of Pacquiao or Ma as it will be recalled that Floyd came out of retirement in previous years.

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