Smart Adeyemi laments, says PDP not campaigning in Kogi state

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state has been accused of being not ready for the November 16 poll in Kogi state.
        The allegation that the PDP was not ready was leveled by APC's Senator Smart Adeyemi, director general of the Bello/Onoja Campaign Organisation, The Nation reports. According to him, the PDP was planning havoc on election day. He insisted that the PDP has not shown any evidence to prove that they are ready for the election. Adeyemi disclosed this after he met with British High Commission officials, who were in the state to assess the level of preparedness for the election. He insisted that PDP's silence means that it is either that they are planning to do do something bad or they have nothing to tell the people of Kogi state. Smart Adeyemi contested Dino maleye's victory at the polls due to discrepancies in voting, leading to the election tribunal calling for a new election, which was later reaffirmed by the appeal court. INEC have slated November 16 for the new election along side Kogi state governorship election, coming up on that same day.

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