Outrage as two Nigerian pastors use same woman for miracle

There was outrage on social media after a video emerged of how two Nigerian pastors allegedly used a particular woman for the same miracle at different intervals.
        In one of the video, one the pastors who performed the miracle on the lady whose right arm looked boneless said that some witches stole her bone which is the reason her

right arm became the way it was. He then started praying for the woman as he lays his hands on the affected area asking the witches to return the stolen bone. Low and behold, the bones where returned and the woman regained her hands back. In the second video, another pastor was seen praying for the woman in an open place where crowd gathered as they joined the pastor in praying. Then the pastor began pouring bottle water on the lady's arm until her arm became normal. Often times a lot of people are always suspicious of the authenticity of miracle healing seen online and on TV, with such discoveries, such suspicions would continue to rise.

First case:

Second case :

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