Brexit: Britain will ‘head off on our own’ Johnson tells EU

The Prime Minister said it was now up to the European Union which has so far given a frosty reception to his proposal to replace the Irish backstop to “cheerily” wave the UK “off with a mutually agreeable deal”. But the bullish comments came as the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator warned the UK it would be to blame for

a no-deal outcome and amid reports ministers are already planning an “aggressive” approach towards Brussels if Mr Johnson is forced to delay Britain’s EU exit. Britain has being in a protracted dispute with the E.U over the Brexit deal, Both entities have being unable to reach an agreement towards the a deal that would signify Britain's withdrawal from the E.U. Already this dispute has already seen one prime minister in the person of Theresa May step down, due to her inability to deliver the Brexit deal. New prime minister Boris Johnson has continuously stated that Britain will leave the E.U by October 31st whether or whether not Britain gets a deal from the E.U.

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