Our facility can beat B/Haram drones - NASRDA

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) says its facility can beat Boko Haram terrorists and their reported new set of drones.
        The assertion was made by the agency’s head of media and corporate communications, Dr Felix Ale, in Abuja on Tuesday, September 17, The Nation reports. The agency disclosed that it had mapped out Sambisa Forest and that the military had used its generated data to enhance their strategy for tackling the insurgents. Ale said the success recorded by the military in the north-east was due to the data provided by NASRDA, even though he pointed out that activities between the agency and military cannot be fully made public. Ale said: “We mentioned security before. Our activities in the area cannot be 100 per cent disclosed, but I can tell you that the success the military has been able to achieve in the north-east was due to the availability of data given to them by the space agency because we were able to map out Sambisa Forest and the military has been able to use the data to enhance their activity on how to combat insurgency in the north-east.”

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