Burna Boy tells man to leave his show for not singing along (Video)

In a video making rounds on social media, singer Burna Boy has shocked his fans and audience at his show in Atlanta. The singer was spotted sending out a man from the show for discouraging him.
        The popular singer was seen in the video talking to a man who was among the audience. Burna Boy was heard

telling the man to leave the show or go and stand at the back to free up space for true fans. Burna Boy was also heard saying to the man that his face is discouraging. He was said to have refunded the man's ticket money on the spot because the man was just standing not singing along to his performance.In the video shared by a Twitter user identified as Mr President, the singer was heard saying that he works hard to make his true fans happy. He also noted that if anyone was there just to stand and do a fashion show, they should go to a church.

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