Corps member allegedly rejected at her PPA for refusing to sleep with her boss

A young Nigerian lady, who recently became a National Youth Service Corps member, has allegedly been rejected at her place of primary assignment in Port Harcourt, for refusing to do the unthinkable thing. The female corps member was reportedly asked by the person in charge at her place of primary assignment to sleep with him or be rejected.

    According to Dizire, the young corps member was told by the man in charge of accepting her placement letter at the school she was placed to sleep with him. The man had allegedly told the corps member that he would reject her if she does not accept. It was said that the man gave her the condition, claiming that he would provide accommodation and regular off days for her at work if she sleeps with him. Dizire claimed that the man also told the lady that he would report to the service that she rejected the place of assignment if she refuses. The lady in question was left in tears without knowing what to do. She called her boyfriend in tears to narrate her experience.

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