Huawei CEO Reveals Android Alternative, Claiming It’s 60 Per Cent Faster

The CEO of Huawei has revealed the first details of the firm’s Android alternative, claiming it will run faster than Google‘s mobile operating system. Ren Zhengfei said his firm’s HongMeng OS would be up to 60 per cent faster than Android and would connect across multiple smart devices ranging from cars to phones. Speaking to French publication Le Point, Mr Zhengfei revealed the new operating system has a processing delay of just 5 milliseconds, meaning it is also faster than Apple’s MacOS.

But the impressive speed does not make up for the severe lack of apps, with the Huawei CEO admitting that the HongMeng OS currently lacks an equivalent to the Google Play store.

This would mean users would potentially not have apps that have become integral to the Android experience, such as Google Maps, Chrome and Gmail. Huawei’s development of its own operating system comes after tensions between the US and China led to the world’s second biggest smartphone maker being placed on the “entity list”, banning it from doing business with US firms like Google.

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