Self-driving Buses Where You Pay By Scanning Your Palm,Are Now In China

Smart 12-meter long self-driving luxurious buses, where you can pay for food and drinks by simply scanning your palm, are now in operation in Tianjin, China. The Artificial intelligence-enabled, all-electric Panda buses are equipped with Level 3 to Level 4 autonomous features - which simple means the drivers hands don't need to be on the steering wheel.    In addition to its self-driving features, the bus also boasts of biometric scanners, to pay for food and drinks bought in the bus, in-vehicle robot assistants, voice recognition, smart advertisement sensors, in-vehicle cameras, sockets to charge phones, 5G internet access and an intelligent emergency escape system.

A passenger enters the Panda Bus by scanning his palm over a high-tech reader.

Here a passenger puts his palm on the a palmprint recognition system to buy food

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