Confusion as rich man steals chickens and ducks to fuel his N140m BMW car

A luxury car owner has been arrested for allegedly stealing chickens to buy fuel for his car, The wealthy farmer was said to have suffered financial woes and resorted to stealing domestic animals to afford gas money.
        The luxury BMW owner and wealthy farmer has been picked up by the police in China’s Sichuan province for allegedly

stealing chickens and ducks from several villages in Linshui county, just so that he can afford to buy fuel for his luxury BMW car worth about 140 million. According reports by Oddity Central, police in the county had been getting several reports from villagers about missing domestic animals, but no one had ever imagined that the culprit could be a wealthy farmer who also happened to be the owner of a luxury multi-story villa. However, the wealthy man resorted to petty theft after he ran into a financial mess and could not afford to buy fuel for his ‘thirsty’ automobile any more. This had led him to stealing and selling off people’s domestic birds to enable him afford gas. The report further noted that the several complaints that had been filed at the police station resulted into the officers of the law launching an investigation into the poultry thefts. Surveillance tapes showed that a bike with no plates was always making a return trip to the farmer’s house and further scrutiny of his activities revealed that some chicken dealers were often found at his residence. After gathering enough evidence, the police officers brought in the luxury car owner for questioning. When he was confronted, Qiang (Pseudonym), admitted to the thefts and disclosed that his high-end car was really thirst and because of his financial situation at the time, he resorted to stealing and selling the domestic birds in other to subsidize his monthly fuel expenditure.

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